Why You Need a Reliable System in Place for Tracking Payroll Related Deadlines


Running your company’s payroll is complex; whether you are on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, payroll takes up a great deal of time and resources. In this article we will explore how to best meet and track payroll related deadlines and how to follow best practices in setting up your payroll management system.

Your business needs a reliable system to gather and store employee records, manage salary budgets, track employee time, withhold taxes from paychecks and keep company data up to date. Your company should have a payroll management approach that is deliberate and updated regularly to keep the company from hitting any unnecessary road bumps.


Keep Track of These Important Payroll Related Deadlines:


Paying Your Employees on Time – A reliable and efficient payroll management system ensure company employees get paid on time. Best practices include deadlines for when payroll is reported which in turn keeps things running smoothly.


Payroll Accuracy – It can be a challenge to get the necessary information to properly keep track of hours worked, salaries, benefits, and time off. Payroll best practices ensures that the data is accurate, compliant, and handled correctly.


Tax Deadlines – Complete and accurate records are required for tax deadlines. W-2’s and other forms need to be managed properly so the correct amounts are being withheld.


HR Data for Employees – Managing sensitive information for employees needs to be secure and organized. The consequences of mishandled payroll can have consequences. Angry or frustrated employees, loss of trust and errors in accuracy are just a few of the problems that might occur.


Estimated Tax Payments – Make sure you file tax returns on time. Filing late and not meeting payment deadlines will increase the chance of paying tax penalties.


Employees Tax Forms – Knowing how and when to send your employees their tax forms is important for companies of all sizes. Being timely with W-2’s and 1099’s is an easy way to be compliant.


Outdated Systems – Are you still sending physical checks to employees? Consider upgrading to a direct deposit. Helpful, faster, and immediate, speedy payroll is happy payroll, especially when you need to access the digital records for quarterly or year-end purposes.


Outdated HR Systems – Are your manuals up to date? Keeping your employee manual up to date and remaining compliant with current and new laws will make you a payroll and HR hero.


If your payroll company is having issues meeting payroll related deadlines, the Liberty Payroll and HR team is here to help you optimize the process.

Upgrading your payroll and HR can take some time, especially if you are taking on the task in-house. Many companies outsource their payroll and HR to companies like Liberty Payroll and HR.

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