Payroll and Tax Management

A Better Way to Do Payroll

Liberty Payroll and HR offers industry-leading, full-service, precision and customized payroll processing and tax management that’s fast and easy for businesses of all sizes. Our Payroll and Tax Management Solutions deliver peace of mind to you and your employees.


Payroll and Tax Management Benefits for Your Business

  • A user-friendly, cloud-based payroll processing and tax management system designed to streamline usage and save significant time
  • Complete customization and scalability – all the functionality you need, without all the extras you don’t
  • Experienced and caring payroll professionals dedicated to your account and available 24/7
  • Full employee and HR manager remote access via online portal or mobile app
  • Thorough integration with time and attendance, HCM systems and ERPs
  • A robust, efficient and intelligent solution that empowers employees, minimizes paperwork and errors, ensures compliance, boosts engagement and satisfaction—and does so securely and accurately
  • A money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied after the first month

Are you looking for payroll outsourcing services in the New Jersey, New York, and New York City area? Call Liberty Payroll and HR at 973.690.5200 or fill out the form below. A Liberty Payroll and HR representative will contact you to discuss your needs.

Here is what you get!


  • Payroll, HR, Onboarding, Applicant Tracking,
  • Time & Attendance, Workers Comp - All in One Place!

❝ Liberty Payroll has been a great partner for my firm. Their customer service is the best I’ve dealt with and I get easy access to reports.❞


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Payroll and Tax Management Features

Whether your business has a few employees or hundreds, our customized payroll and tax management solutions will ease administrative burdens, minimize errors, save money and free up valuable staff and management time for strategic and core business activities. Our solution features include:

Payroll Platform

Our payroll and tax management system can handle simple or highly complex calculations without the need for additional steps or programming. Step-by-step directions help guide users, while the system sorts out potential errors prior to actual payroll processing.

Real-Time Processing

Input data, make changes, generate reports and submit payroll easily—wherever and whenever. Our system gives you access to over 450 standard reports and two skilled report writers (both analytical and ad hoc), which keeps important information right at your fingertips.

Optional Functionality

Our solution generates real-time pay reports, deduction reports, tax reports, PTO reports, benefits reports, general ledger interface reports and more.

Automated Filing and Reporting

We make distributing, filing and tax reporting easy, and we also make sure you’re covered in all jurisdictions, including federal, state, city or geo-based.


Employees can quickly and easily manage their personnel information, pay stubs, W-2 and more.

General Ledger

This interface maps directly to your chart of accounts. Data can easily be imported into your accounting system.

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    Switching is Simple

    Our streamlined approach allows us to easily convert your payroll processes to Liberty Payroll and HR. Our trained and experienced conversion team ensures an accurate and stress-free conversion.

    Time is precious. Spend yours empowering your people and growing your business—and let Liberty Payroll and HR handle all your payroll and tax management needs.


    What our clients say...

    “Working with Liberty Payroll and HR has been a great experience. The transition from our previous provider to Liberty was smooth and seamless. Their payroll platform is very user-friendly. We are also using the biometric timeclock that integrates with their payroll platform. Payroll for our company used to be a grueling two-hour weekly chore. Now, using the online timeclock software, it’s less than a 10-minute task. The staff is welcoming and friendly, you always get a live person when calling, and everyone is knowledgeable and can assist with any question that you may have.”

    Melissa Foley
    Siciliano Landscape Company

    "Our organization has been working with Liberty Payroll for several years. The quality of their systems, processes, and especially their employee interactions with their clients makes Liberty stand out way above and beyond other payroll companies. With every transaction I am confident we are getting accurate information and data from people who know what they're doing, are willing to troubleshoot quickly to resolve any issues that may arise, and are extremely pleasant to work with. I appreciate the efforts they have gone to, to create a complex and comprehensive payroll system that works well for small and large companies like, and the efforts they go to, to provide optimal customer servicing. Liberty gets an A+ from me!"

    D'Arcy Natale

    “Our agency has used Liberty Payroll and HR for a year after switching over from a global competitor. It has truly been a breath of fresh air. Liberty’s client service approach is excellent. We’re not just a number. They cater to their clients and are very responsive. You do not have to wait days to solve a problem. Also, our W2s were completed promptly.”

    Harry Taylor-Kamara
    Community Coordinated Child Care of Union County

    “My firm has been a client of Liberty Payroll and HR for over three years. During that time, I have found that the professionals handling our account are knowledgeable, competent, efficient, and always accessible and willing to assist in any way possible. I highly recommend Liberty Payroll and HR as they have certainly been an incredible asset to me and my firm.”

    Kelly Vocaturo
    Brady, Brady & Reilly, LLC