At Liberty Payroll and HR, we serve businesses of all sizes and scopes throughout the New Jersey, New York and New York City area. We also possess specialized expertise to fit with your specific industry. We invite you to learn more about the solutions we provide in these areas.

There are many industries that we service including law firms, health care professionals, engineering firms, construction firms, professional services, technical services, not for profit, construction, restaurant, hospitality, commercial cleaning services, and more. Liberty Payroll and HR is here to give you guidance and the tools necessary to successfully manage your payroll and HR needs.

Here Are Some of the Industries We Serve!

Law Firms


Professional Services



Not for Profits/ Non Profit

Law Firms

Law firms have a unique set of challenges when it comes to payroll. Calculating legal time is never cut and dry. When doing payroll for a law firm, Liberty Payroll & HR understands the need for flexibility that delivers convenience and functionality while also reducing the workload of your HR department. Fully understanding the legislature is our top priority. Preventing errors and mistakes and added security in your payroll is why so many law firms come to rely on Liberty Payroll & HR Services.

Construction Firms

There are few services that companies outsource more than payroll and for good reason: payroll is time-consuming, complex and any tax errors can be potentially costly to the business. Advantages over in-house payroll include saving time and money. Few payroll companies service their clients like Liberty Payroll. With certified payroll and union reporting, Liberty Payroll takes the guesswork away which frees you up to run your business.


Serving up payroll and HR to restaurants is one of our specialties! Liberty Payroll knows you have a lot on your plate, and we also know tracking payroll for tipped employees needs to be handled correctly. We make it easy for restaurant owners to focus on main course while we handle the little things. From start to finish, our accurate software makes it easy to add new employees as well as preparing form 8846, Liberty Payroll and HR will help you fell completely satisfied!


You have arrived! Liberty Payroll & HR Solutions can keep up with your fast-paced hospitality business. Yes, we know you have challenges like calculating salaries and wages for management and non-management workers, service charge distributions and even outsourced, contract or leased labor. Our responsive and dedicated staff are available and knowledgeable about your needs!

Not for Profits/Non Profits

Many people assume if you work for a non-profit organization, you take less salary and donate a portion of your time, but this could not be further from the truth. For the most part, the payroll and HR functions for a non-profit run similar to a for profit businesses, with a few exceptions. Understanding the nuance of how social security, Medicare, federal and state taxes affects employees and the non-profit organization is what makes Liberty Payroll and HR perfectly suited for non-profits. We offer you payroll by people, not just software.

Customized Solutions - Highly Personalized Service

Liberty Payroll and HR is all about one thing: people serving people—with fully customized payroll and HR solutions, highly responsive service and an individualized touch—all at a fair price that represents real value. It’s customer service from the days when customer service was personal and people were accountable. At Liberty Payroll and HR, that’s how we serve you and your business every day.

Payroll by people, not just software. Payroll, HR and Peace of Mind – Delivered!

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