Thinking About Switching Payroll Companies? Top Reasons Why Companies are Making the Switch to Liberty Payroll & HR

Are you looking for powerful software and customized payroll solutions that are tailored to fit your small business needs? Stay ahead of the payroll compliance curve with Liberty Payroll and HR.

Are you thinking about switching payroll companies now that the year is winding down? When people switch payroll companies, they are often unhappy with the level of service their former payroll company was providing them. No one likes long wait times and being overcharged for service! As a result, Liberty Payroll and HR has gained a steady market share over the years because we always put our clients first.

Here are the Top Reasons People are Switching Their Payroll Company:

Service Means Being There!

Who has time to wait 2 hours to speak to a representative? And when you do get a representative on the phone, you have to explain yourself over and over because the person on the phone is unfamiliar with your account?

At Liberty Payroll & HR, a live person will always answer your call during business hours, and you will have a dedicated customer service representative who is familiar with your company and its operations.

Accuracy Means Doing Things Right the First Time!

Are you tired of mistakes and struggling to get the right person on the phone who can help? Are you frustrated with mistakes that compound into larger problems?

Liberty Payroll & HR was founded by a group of accountants; accuracy is the hallmark of success at Liberty Payroll & HR.

Customization for Your Business Needs!

We do not sell bundles; we meet with each client to offer them personalized solutions that gives them everything they need and nothing that they do not. We make sure the pricing is fair for the services we are giving you. And as your company grows, we have the staff and capacity to scale up with you.

Experience Counts – Especially in NJ and NY.

We have been paying thousands of employees for over 15 years. With CPA management, we invest countless hours into training and development of our staff. We do not have a large employee turnover problem, which means you get a level of consistency with your payroll processing.

At Liberty Payroll & HR we understand the importance of our employees’ happiness, and that makes all the difference in our customer service.

Cost Savings Just for You!

We typically save our clients an average of 20%. We encourage everyone to take advantage of our FREE, no obligation quoting process that could save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS every year. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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n the competitive market of payroll service, the tide has shifted from larger national brands to smaller local payroll firms like Liberty Payroll & HR

Not all payroll companies are created equal. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs understand the ins and outs of their business. You started out small, and things are now growing at a faster pace than you ever realized. It may be time to switch payroll companies and start saving money and getting the service you deserve.

At Liberty Payroll, our core values are things we deliver to our customers on a day-to-day basis. The people in the organization, many who have been there for over a decade, maintain payroll accounts for clients, deliver prompt and courteous service and take a proactive stance to anticipate the individual needs of companies just like yours.

Whether your business has a few employees or hundreds, our customized payroll and tax management solutions will ease administrative burdens, minimize errors, saves money and free up valuable staff and management time for strategic and core business activities.

Liberty Payroll and Human Resources Services

Switching is simple! Liberty Payroll and HR offers customized solutions to fit your small business needs. Our payroll and HR services are scalable! Whether your business is small or large or somewhere in between, we will customize a solution with the payroll features to meet your exact needs. 

Payroll by people, not just software. Call 973-690-5200 and get one month of free payroll on us!

*One free month after processing normally for one month. Offer valid to new customers only.