There are virtually endless businesses who outsource their small business payroll. What benefits do they get and what are the main reasons they decide to make the change? These are the 4 top reasons that drive the decision to outsource small business payroll and why it may also make sense for your business.

Of all the HR functions, payroll is one of the most outsourced functions. Nearly forty percent of employers outsource payroll partially and an even higher percentage outsource their tax payroll responsibilities.

Why do small business owners prefer to outsource payroll?

Saving Money & Time

Payroll demands a lot of time and attention, especially for a small business. Each payroll period includes importing large amounts of on every employee. The time and effort spent by your employees processing payroll may take them away from other critical tasks like building sales, revenue and customer service.

Using Liberty Payroll for your outsourced payroll services give business owners and their employees more time to focus on what matters most. A specialize representative is with you each step of the way, including connecting with you at each pay period – It’s just that easy!

Security is a Top Priority

Processing payroll is often a complex venture that can have certain risk potentials. There is a risk of identity theft, fraud or data being tampered with. Software that is not secure has the potential for a data breach, compromising the identity of your business and your employees.

Enhance your security with Liberty Payroll and HR. Safe for the employer and employee, our state of the art software for storing and protecting data is world class and part of the everyday service our clients have come to expect from us.

Government Compliance and Regulations

Being an expert in your business might come naturally; following the complicated world of government tax regulations might not be your forte. Small business owners are legally responsible to report employment taxes to State and Federal agencies and mistakes can lead to audits and penalties.

With an ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations to follow, let Liberty Payroll and HR free you of the burden and be confident they have your back every step of the way.

Service, Service and More Service

Managed by CPA’s, Liberty Payroll & HR employs trained individuals who know payroll inside and out. Specializing in the complexities of payroll taxes, government regulations and compliance, our team is trained and experienced to help clients stay informed of changes which may impact their businesses.

While some companies option to handle running payroll on a weekly or bi-weekly, small business are finding it increasingly difficult to focus on their core business and have come to prefer the expertise and ease of utilizing a professional payroll provider like Liberty Payroll and HR.

Payroll by People, Not just Software! Payroll, HR and Peace of Mind – Delivered!

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