payroll and hr toolkit

Returning to Work – Your Payroll and HR Toolkit

As businesses in New Jersey and New York get ready to open for business, Liberty Payroll and HR is looking beyond the curve with our back to work toolkit. Your company’s recovery and engagement in the workplace will have its challenges. Our toolkit will help prepare and enhance the transition back to the new normal!

At Liberty Payroll and HR, we have stayed ahead of the curve helping companies and business owners take care of their most precious asset, their employees. Our toolkit includes various ways to help you manage, process and track everything you need which allows you more time to focus on your reopening.

There are many industries that are running full steam ahead including law firms, health care professionals, engineering firms, construction firms, professional services, technical services, not for profit and commercial cleaning services. Liberty Payroll and HR is here to give you the tools necessary to successfully transition to the new normal.

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GUIDELINES: Tracking Time and Attendance

The world has clearly changed. As we all get back into work mode, there may be HR issues that arise, and we are here for you. Whether you are creating staggered shifts or deciding to give people more flex hours, tracking time and attendance is critical now more than ever.

  • Cash Flow Assistance
    • Paygo – Pay as your go workman’s comp.
    • Cost Savings
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Employees
  • Tracking
  • Safety – COVID-19 office procedures

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Setting expectations from the beginning, Liberty Payroll and HR has dedicated professionals who are committed to your account. We understand your business and how it may be impacted by the pandemic. Our staff is known for “our personalized service” and knowing the laws of each state and how they may impact your business whether you are in New Jersey or New York is crucial.

  • Personalized Service
  • Dedicated Representatives
  • Knowledge of tax laws in NJ & NY
  • Professional Service
  • Knowledgeable Service

PEOPLE: Payroll by People, Not Just Software

When you have questions, we have the answers. As a business owner, you must be able to make smart and informative decisions in a quick and concise manor. Liberty Payroll and HR has local professional staff who answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

  • Local Professional Staff
  • Answering Calls and Pro-Active
  • Responsive Service
  • SUPPORT: Tracking PPP Loan Forgiveness

Congratulations! You have received your PPP loan. Liberty Payroll & HR has played a significant role in helping their small and mid-size business clients obtain their PPP Loans. Now staying on top of the PPP funds to track the allocation is vital for loan forgiveness.

  • PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidelines
  • PPP Loan Forgiveness Tracking
  • Transitioning Your Payroll during PPP Loan timetable
  • Securely obtaining Historic reports
  • Storing Your Historic Reports

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Liberty Payroll has not only helped their existing clients, there has been a surge in clients who have needed assistance and guidance with PPP Loans who will also need to track the funds allocation to obtain forgiveness.

As we all get back to work and discover and explore the new normal in the workplace, Liberty Payroll and HR is leading the industry in educating their clients about what tools should be in your tool box how best to utilize those tools.