Let’s review the reasons why people make the switch to a new payroll company. Answers vary from bad customer service reps to inaccurate reporting. Liberty Payroll and HR, a New Jersey Based payroll company has been following the trends of why people most often make the switch. Josh Rothenberg, VP of Sales and marketing stated “People love the fact that when they pick up the phone and call us, there is a live person on the other end who can help them get the information they need. It’s very important to them.”

There are many other reasons why people switch payroll companies. Here is a quick list for why many companies change payroll providers:

  1. Poor Service: Poor Customer Service, Inconsistent service reps, and long hold times are a major reason people decide to switch their payroll companies.
  2. Lack of Integration Software: More complex businesses require payroll solutions that include time and attendance and other HR integrations, with customized reports available at your fingertips.
  3. Overpaying: If you have been using the same payroll company for years, they might have been increasing the price over time.
  4. Human Errors: Payroll is complex. Being accurate is critical and hiring the right company for the job means removing some of the calculating errors.
  5. Not green enough: Technology has made it easy to download documents instead of printing them and mailing them.

When is the Best Time to Switch Payroll Companies?

Before you make the switch, explore what may be the best time to switch. The end of the quarter or the end of the year are usually the best time to make the switch. Josh Rothenberg, from Liberty Payroll and HR added “If you are having a terrible time with your payroll company, there is no bad time to make the switch” he continued, “We have helped companies switch at the end of their very next payroll cycle in extreme cases”. With on-line payroll software, companies are finding that making the switch is easier than ever.

How Easy it to Switch Payroll Companies?

Switching payroll companies is simple. Here is a 5-step guide to make the transition simple and easy:

  1. Give Liberty access to your current payroll system.
  2. Assign payroll contacts
  3. Sign agreement forms
  4. Send your old payroll company the termination letter that we create for you
  5. Sit back and relax – we do all of the setup work for you!

If you have questions about this article and are interested in switching payroll companies contact Liberty Payroll and HR and find out why they were awarded one of the TOP THREE Payroll companies in NJ! Find out more about our award-winning payroll services by clicking here.