6 Ways to Know You Are Getting Great Customer Service from Your Payroll Provider

When you own a small or midsized business, at the very least, you want to have a professional and competent payroll company that is accurate and prompt when processing your payroll. After all, payroll laws are constantly changing and are increasingly hard to keep up with. That is why is it so critical to hire a company with dedicated payroll representatives, there to assist you whenever an issue or question arises. We have provided a list for you so you can make an educated decision on the quality of service you are getting from your payroll provider.

1. Does your current payroll provider answer their phones (and e-mails)?

What happens when you try to contact your current payroll company? Is there a machine that picks up and a menu filled with options? Are you emails answered by a human in customer service or are they answered by bots?

When you try to get someone on the phone, it is best if a person answers the phone and you can immediately state what your issue is or with whom you want to speak to. The best-case scenario is when they are familiar with you and your account and can provide quick and accurate answers to any questions or complaints you may have.

2. Do they address your concerns?

As business charges forward, you will get a fair share of tax notices from NJ and the Federal agencies like the IRS. Sometimes these letters add a level of stress to business owners and should be taken care of swiftly. Your payroll provider should be easy to contact and available to handle your concerns about payroll taxes or compliance issues.

It is important for you to find out quickly and to have a complete understanding as to why you might be receiving notice regarding any tax or compliance issue.

3. Does your payroll provider listen to your complaints or concerns?

What if you need to make corrections or changes to your account? What if employees are not receiving their paychecks on time? When you own a business, sometimes things go wrong and that is precisely the time when your payroll company should be stepping up to the plate.

If a situation arises, you should have confidence your payroll provider is listening and understanding the situation and has the capacity to handle things in a professional and discreet manor.

4. They are helpful and knowledgeable.

When you call your current payroll company, do you have to speak to multiple people to explain the situation correctly? Is the person on the other end of the phone asking questions via a checklist? Are you waiting endlessly for a person to call you back?

When you call you payroll provider, you should be entitled to talk to someone who understands your account and can easily fix or address your concern while you are on the phone. As a business owner, you want simple, straight forward answers if a problem arises.

5. You are treated as valued customer.

Will your payroll provider handle an unusual request to help solve a problem? Do they take extra steps to make you feel happy and valued as a customer?

You should not feel like just an account number; your current payroll provider should care and value your business. Customer service is all about being professional, even under the most extreme circumstances. In most cases, the larger “national” payroll companies expect to lose a portion of their business each year. In other words, they can afford to lose customers and probably do not care about you or your business.

6. For payroll service to be great, it does not mean it has to be expensive.

Many of the small business owners have come to Liberty Payroll and HR and believe it or not, price is not their focus. Small business owners are looking for a payroll company that is proactive and easy to work with.

Service is about being there when the customer needs you. Simple things like answering the phones, communication with a trained specialist and resolving problems quickly and easily is what service really is all about – especially for small business owners.

Small business owners understand why it is far cheaper to pay an outside payroll provider like Liberty Payroll & HR to keep your payroll current and handle complex compliance and payroll taxes issues. Having things done right the first time is part of a comprehensive “customer service” approach employed by Liberty Payroll and HR.

Liberty Payroll and HR | Advantages to Using a Service Based Payroll & HR Service

NO CALL CENTERS – A live person answers every call.

CONCIERGE SERVICE – Every client is assigned to a dedicated payroll professional.

KEEPING PACE – With our CPA firm mentality, we keep our customers informed of the latest news that affects their business.

EXPERT PARTNERSHIPS – We focus on your payroll while our partners offer world class leading solutions that give your business more choices.

Why are people Switching to Liberty Payroll & HR?

As a local company serving NJ and NY, we understand your business and the laws effecting payroll and HR. We were founded by accountants, and that means accuracy is our mission. Liberty Payroll and HR continues to lead the way in outsourced payroll services throughout NJ and NYC.

Liberty Payroll and HR offers customized solutions to fit your small business needs. Our payroll and HR services are scalable! Whether your business is small or large or somewhere in between, we will customize a solution with the payroll features to meet your exact needs. Payroll by people, not just software. 

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