Making things easier for business owners should be the goal for any payroll service company. At Liberty Payroll & HR, we track why customers leave the large national payroll companies and switch to smaller local payroll companies like us – here is what we found.

In the competitive market of payroll service, the tide has shifted from larger national brands to smaller local payroll firms who are customer focused. Simple things like answering the phones and giving clients quick answers they are looking for can make all the difference.

Wanting to deliver great service and delight customers sounds like an easy and attainable goal. But real service is delivering on the promise. As customers make the switch to Liberty Payroll and HR we often hear the frustration from business owners about how their former payroll provider was over-promising and under-delivering.

Here are some of the problems business owners have faced and why they ultimately made the switch to Liberty Payroll & HR:

Customer Service is King

Service is about being there when the customer needs you. Simple things like answering the phones, communicating with a trained specialist and resolving problems quickly and easily is what customer service really is all about – especially for small business owners.

Leading The Industry

Staying on top of changes that affect your business can come from many places. Local, State and Federal laws that affect small business can be difficult to track. Liberty Payroll & HR has a reputation for staying on top of payroll & HR matters that affect your business.

Tracking ERC (Employee Retention Credits) for Customers

We have been proactively tracking clients who may qualify for ERC money. If your business has been affected by the pandemic, you may qualify for up to $26,000 per employee. Click here for details:  

Understand Value, Price and Service

Small business owners understand why it is far cheaper to pay an outside payroll service like Liberty Payroll & HR to keep your payroll straight and handle complex compliance and payroll taxes issues. Having things done right the first time is part of a comprehensive “customer service” approach employed by Liberty Payroll and HR.

Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get

It does not matter what the price is if you are not getting the personalized service your business needs. If you are paying for services you are not using or if the payroll company you are using is making it harder for you to do business, it may be time to make the switch to Liberty Payroll and HR.

Advantages to Using a Service Based Payroll & HR Service

NO CALL CENTERS – A live person answers every call.

CONCIERGE SERVICE – Every client is assigned to a dedicated payroll professional.

KEEPING PACE – With our CPA firm mentality, we keep our customers informed of the latest news that affects their business.

EXPERT PARTNERSHIPS – We focus on your payroll while our partners offer world class leading solutions that give your business more choices.

Why are Companies Switching to Liberty Payroll & HR?

As a local company serving NJ and NY, we understand your business and the laws effecting payroll and HR. We were founded by accountants, and that means accuracy is our mission. Liberty Payroll and HR continues to lead the way in outsourced payroll services throughout NJ and NYC.

Liberty Payroll and Human Resources Services

Liberty Payroll and HR offers customized solutions to fit your small business needs. Our payroll and HR services are scalable! Whether your business is small or large or somewhere in between, we will customize a solution with the payroll features to meet your exact needs. Payroll by people, not just software. 

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