Maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits for Restaurants Nationwide

Yes, every restaurant qualifies for a refund check!*

Liberty Payroll & HR specializes in Employee Retention Credits for restaurants.

Liberty Payroll and HR Specializes in Filing Employee Retention Credits for Restaurants

You’re running a restaurant business and things are busier than ever. Your business takes up a lot of time; it’s hard to keep track of new laws regarding payroll tax credits while you’re ordering supplies from Restaurant Depot and Sysco, searching for new staff, and running the day-to-day operations of your business. If you’ve fought your way through the pandemic and have now found your footing again, we would like to inform you of how Employee Retention Credits for restaurants are available to help you get back on track.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner comes with great personal and fiduciary responsibilities. Looking out for the best interest of your restaurant should always be a top priority. Many restaurant owners are still unaware the federal government authorized billions of dollars of COVID-19 relief funds that are entirely separate from PPP loans in the form of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

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Designed to reward businesses for retaining employees through the lockdown and pandemic, every restaurant* in the USA qualifies for Employee Retention Credits. Why? Businesses that were impacted financially in 2020 or 2021 by a partial suspension or shutdown qualify for tax credits. Even though every state had a different timeline for re-opening, every restaurant in the country was impacted to some degree, and Employee Retention Credits for restaurants are designed to provide you relief.

Why Choose Liberty Payroll and HR to help you with your ERC Claim?

Liberty Payroll and HR has been the leader in helping restaurant owners receive ERC money. We can quickly and easily help you determine how much your restaurant qualifies for and handle the process for you, even if you are not a customer of Liberty Payroll and HR. Click here to watch a short webinar explaining Employee Retention Tax Credits and how Liberty Payroll can help you through the qualification process.

Here are just some of the amounts we have helped our clients receive:

·   Restaurant Group – $300,000

·   Restaurant – $475,000

·   Restaurant – $67,000

·   Bar – $54,761

·   Restaurant – $1,125,000

·   Restaurant Group – $1,330,000

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Using the professionals at Liberty Payroll & HR to help you through the qualification process will let you focus on your business. As you rely on companies like Restaurant Depot, Sysco and US Foods to keep your business in operation, let Liberty Payroll & HR handle the payroll tax credits you may be entitled to.

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As a local company serving NJ and NY, we understand the restaurant business and the laws effecting your company’s payroll and HR. We were founded by accountants, and that means accuracy is our mission. Helping our clients understanding Employee Retention Credits (ERC) is part of our service. Liberty Payroll and HR continues to lead the way in outsourced payroll services throughout New Jersey and New York City.

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*While every restaurant must test its eligibility for the ERC, our experience tells us that most will qualify. The ERC is designed to aid restaurants that experienced either a significant decline in gross receipts or a full or partial suspension of operations due to a governmental order. The beneficial aspect of the gross receipts test is that it is objective, and hard for the IRS to successfully challenge. The suspension-of-operations test may be subjective, but it appears to have been written with restaurants in mind. In our experience, most restaurants will qualify under this test in 2020 (and some in 2021) due to capacity restrictions, social distancing requirements, or limits on hours of operation.